Matcha Latte (4 oz Bag)


Matcha Latte is a blend of fine Japanese matcha, fruit pectin, and sugar. Matcha is made from fine, tender young tea leaves, shaded for 2 – 3 weeks, then carefully – and selectively – plucked, heated to prevent oxidation, slowly dried using low heat, and, finally, slowly ground into the traditional powder format. This blend makes a wonderful, sweet, rich drink, especially with milk or dairy alternative.

The purpose of shading the leaves prior to plucking is to raise the chlorophyll content, giving the dried powder its deep green color, which also increases vitamin and amino acid content. As one is consuming the actual leaf – as opposed to drinking the brew steeped from the leaf – caffeine intake is higher, but available nutrient count is also elevated.

The matcha used in their blend is a high grade, added to that is fruit pectin, as a thickener, and sugar. It makes a wonderful drink – not too sweet – and foams up very nicely (due to the pectin), especially when combined with steamed milk.

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