Reflections on Year One

Apples to Oranges One Year Anniversary

Our new website is up and almost running! Thanks to the talented Kyle Haakenson of SEO Web Design, it went up on time! We will be adjusting categories this month, and hope to have a sophisticated product all fine-tuned by the end of July.

Speaking of July, our first anniversary was a huge milestone for us. I could write – if not a book – several articles on what not to do and what to do better; also a few on what we did right. A year ago my goal was to have a huge, well-marked inventory so people visiting would say “Wow! I have to tell my friends about this shop!” That was an example of Right. Also, I knew spring would be a down-time, and I needed a seasonal product to tide us over….I’m still looking!

Another goal was to have excellent customer service: that was a Right, and I am so proud of talented Kelly Forster, our outstanding manager, and kind Becky McClure… how was I so lucky? Oh, that’s right: Silverton’s community of knitters has been a collective mentor that has helped guide me. Thank you, you dear people.

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