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(Lacis) Accessories |Bryson

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Offers an extensive selection of threads, tools and supplies for the textile arts, including lace-making, embroidery, knitting, tatting, crochet, costume, bridal, etc., to the wholesale and retail market.
Manufactures specialized lace making tools, purse frames, tatting shuttles, reproduction needlework tools, tassel forms, tatting needles, extra fine knitting needles, etc.
Publishes over130 books relating to needlework and costume while maintaining an inventory of over 6,000 titles relating to textiles and costume in both English and foreign language
Distributes DMC "Floche" and other cotton threads and Japanese "Bunka" and "Kanagawa" threads.
Is a family business established in1965, owned and operated by Jules & Perrin Kliot.
(Lacis) Accessories |Bryson(Lacis) Accessories |Bryson(Lacis) Accessories |Bryson(Lacis) Accessories |Bryson(Lacis) Accessories |Bryson