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(Jasmine Pearl) Yoga Blend

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Warm up on the inside before taking your place on the mat. Yoga Blend is true to its name, and was originally created for a hot yoga studio in Oregon. Though it was never intended for mass small-batch production, this nourishing herbal tea blend grew in popularity and has remained a signature best-seller for years. Yoga Blend is reminiscent of a chai and contains no citrus or flowers. It’s spicy and packed with mineral-rich nettles to help facilitate digestion. Honeybush adds sweetness and body. Crafted to perk you up without caffeine, this favorite stimulates both the body and mind.

Cinnamon*, Ginger*, Honeybush*, Fennel*, Cardamom*, Peppercorns*, Nettles*.

(Jasmine Pearl) Yoga Blend(Jasmine Pearl) Yoga Blend(Jasmine Pearl) Yoga Blend(Jasmine Pearl) Yoga Blend