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(Jasmine Pearl) Spring Blossom

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Spring Blossom Oolong is an exceptional, top-tier selection—a large-leaf cultivar hand-plucked and grown at high elevations. Lightly roasted and tightly rolled, Spring Blossom yields up to eight stunningly fruity, floral, full brews. In Taiwan, this teas is known as Gui Fei, or Honey Oolong.

Spring Blossom tea is of the Chin Shin (Green Heart) variety. Most importantly, the Tea Jassid leaf hoppers must be allowed to feed on the tea plants in order for the leaves to produce the fascinatingly fruity brew. Their attack on the plants causes a protective internal chemical reaction; an attempt by the plant to repel the bugs. Spring Blossom's nuggets appear almost oily because of the tightness of the rolling they've undergone and more stems are visible in this year's pluck - yet another sign of the care taken in production. This quality ensures that, when brewing gong-fu style, several steeps can be expected (up to eight).


High-Elevation Taiwanese Oolong.

(Jasmine Pearl) Spring Blossom(Jasmine Pearl) Spring Blossom(Jasmine Pearl) Spring Blossom(Jasmine Pearl) Spring Blossom