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(Jasmine Pearl) Equinox Blend

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We have created a nourishing and soothing blend of herbs to help rebalance the body during times of transition. Cinnamon and sarsaparilla provide a pleasant sweetness. Rose petals, lemon balm and lemon myrtle  gently uplift the spirits. Raspberry leaf, nettles and red clover give this brew its restorative and nutritive qualities while lending a nice body that is similar to a mild black tea. 


Cinnamon*, Raspberry Leaf, Orange Peel*, Sarsaparilla, Roses, Nettles*, Red Clover*, Lemon Balm*, and Lemon Myrtle*
*Denotes Organic ingredients

(Jasmine Pearl) Equinox Blend(Jasmine Pearl) Equinox Blend(Jasmine Pearl) Equinox Blend