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(Jasmine Pearl) Emerald Oolong Tea

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An outstanding low-elevation, lightly baked oolong which gives a deeply floral, rich, lingering brew. Emerald Oolong is a Chinese Wu-Yi varietal, generally grown at lower elevations. It is widely planted around Mingjien Village in Nantou County, and can be reaped up to six times per year. Emerald comes from a smaller-leaved varietal and the leaves can be somewhat fibrous. They are suitable for low-temperature, light baking.

Oolong teas can be steeped multiple times. Be sure to watch the water temperature when brewing Emerald Oolong. If your water is too hot, or if you oversteep it, Emerald's wonderfully floral notes will concentrate and become overly strong.


Low-Elevation, Lightly Oxidized, Lightly Roasted Taiwanese Oolong.

(Jasmine Pearl) Emerald Oolong Tea(Jasmine Pearl) Emerald Oolong Tea(Jasmine Pearl) Emerald Oolong Tea