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(Jasmine Pearl) Dragonwell

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The leaves' yellowish, flattened, shiny appearance gives this famous tea away. Easy to enjoy, Lung Ching (its name in Mandarin) is one of our favorites for a quiet, contemplative moment. We're sure you will agree.

Dragonwell hails from the eastern Chinese province of Zhejiang, from the West Lake area near the city of Hangzhou. Selections harvested before the spring rains (Qing Ming) are more subtle in flavor and their leaves are smaller, requiring pluckers to pick more bud-sets than for the later variety, of which ours is a member. 


Pan-fired Chinese green tea.

(Jasmine Pearl) Dragonwell(Jasmine Pearl) Dragonwell(Jasmine Pearl) Dragonwell(Jasmine Pearl) Dragonwell