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(Jasmine Pearl) Dark Forest

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Feel grounded yet invigorated with our Dark Forest herbal tea blend. Known for being a smooth, rich coffee alternative, this flavorful tea pairs nicely with milk and is nearly caffeine-free. Often called a Pacific Northwest version of a chai, it serves as a satisfying start to the day or an enjoyable afternoon interlude. Dark Forest goes well with solitude and social get-togethers. The sweet fullness of chicory is balanced out by rosemary top notes. It’s dessert-like in nature with hints of nutmeg, cacao, and ginger spice.


Cacao Nibs*, Cinnamon*, Chicory, Honeybush*, Carob*, Nutmeg*, Ginger*, Red Clover*, Rosemary.

(Jasmine Pearl) Dark Forest(Jasmine Pearl) Dark Forest(Jasmine Pearl) Dark Forest(Jasmine Pearl) Dark Forest