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(Hands Craft) Vitascope Film Projector LK601

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* ✂️ [THE PERFECT HOBBY]: This wooden vitascope puzzle will keep you busy as you put the pieces together. You and your family will enjoy building this model vitascope with our 3D wood puzzle. Once assembled, the vitascope will play a short movie clip as you hand crank the vitascope!
 Includes 183 pieces.
* 💎 [QUALITY PLYWOOD]: punch-out sheets are high-quality and fun to assemble. The fact that assembly supplies are made of non-toxic plywood that is safe for the environment is an added bonus.
Recommended for ages 14+.

Each kit includes:

* Laser-cut wood sheets
* Spring Accessory
* Key
* Spring
* Shaft Sleeve
* Wax
* Steel Shaft
(Hands Craft) Vitascope Film Projector LK601