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(Hands Craft/Rolife) AM41 Pumpkin Carriage Music Box|

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Princess Pumpkin Carriage MUSIC BOX 3D Laser Cut Wooden Model Kit
•Hand Cranked Music Box
•Wheel Rotates
•Plays the tune, "Born Free"
•The built dimensions are approximately: 159mm x 162mm x 102mm (6.2" x 6.3" x 4" inches)
•165 pre-cut pieces
•All pieces are pre-cut, in general, no glue is needed.
*Please note, that wax or glue are not included in the package.

The ROBOTIME kit is wonderfully designed, and the parts are well-cut, but it is somewhat challenging to assemble. Do not rush and force anything. Be patient and focused when you assemble this item.  Follow the instructions carefully.

This kit is classed as an Intermediate skill level so some experience in assembling similar easier models may be beneficial.

Recommended for ages 8+
(Hands Craft/Rolife) AM41 Pumpkin Carriage Music Box|