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  • Bohin France Tape Measure Sewing Tool
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Bohin "Sewing" Tape  60" (150 cm) tape measures with a SEWING theme and with a fastener to attach to stitching tote. Button to retract tape measure. Made in Germany.

Automatic tape measure with automatic pocket rewinders. 150 cm.  Unbreakable ABS case. Quality guaranteed: thanks to their fibreglass fabric (not plastic), our centimetres are particularly flexible and dimensionally stable. Precise marking is the prerequisite for equally precise measurements, to which the tips mounted to the millimetre contribute. Double scale in cm on one side and in inches on the other. Metal tip at both ends. A retaining mechanism keeps the tape measure in the desired position during work. At the push of a button, a spring mechanism automatically returns the centimetre back into its housing and winds it up neatly inside. The simple and practical application makes this roll-up centimetre a useful accessory for sewing, tailoring and do-it-yourself work. Tape width: 10 mm

BOHIN specializes in sewing accessories. With a history of 189 years, our company was built around the specificities of its environment to build a real empire in the 1830s. Water and forests allowed the construction of forges all along the Risle. So much so that our region quickly built its reputation to become the leading region in France.

Benjamin BOHIN developed innovations throughout his life, some of which won awards at the 1889 Universal Exhibition.

Bohin France Tape Measure Sewing Tool