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(Atlas Games) Once Upon a Time: Knightly Tales Game

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  • Knightly Tales at a Glance

    • Add variety to your Once Upon a Time games.
    • Bring chivalrous knights and valorous deeds to your stories.
    • Expands your Once Upon a Time tales with a total of 55 chivalry-filled cards.

    Gallant Knights and their Ladies: More about Knightly Tales

    From the moment they sign on as squires, knights' lives are full of adventureBattle evil wizards and stand up against injustice with this Once Upon a Time expansion. 

    Sing ballads (actual singing optional) about brave knights who rescue ensorcelled bandits from evil ladies. Wait. What?! The story is guaranteed to take you in unexpected directions in Once Upon a Time.

(Atlas Games) Once Upon a Time: Knightly Tales  Game