Knitting Needles, Yarn, and More: Everything You Need to Start Knitting

Knitting Needles, Yarn, and More: Everything You Need to Start Knitting

So, you are ready to venture into the new hobby of knitting — but before you embark on this fun journey, you’ll need to make sure you have the right knitting accessories. You are going to need items like knitting needles (of course), yarn, fun extras like pom-pom makers, and more to ensure your knitting projects are successful.

Let us share some of the best knitting accessories you should collect before you start your first knitting projects — or, if you already have knitting experience, some of these accessories may just aid you in your next creation!

What Things Do I Need to Start Knitting?

Knitting project in progress with needles and yarn

As a beginning knitter, you may not even know where to start with purchasing knitting supplies. Luckily, you can simply start with some basic knitting accessories and then add to your collection as needed.

Essential Knitting Accessories for Beginners:

  • Yarn Knitting needles
  • Scissors
  • Sewing needle
  • Crochet hook

Yarn for Knitting

The type of yarn you choose will depend on your type of knitting project. Of course, there are so many types of yarn to choose from, but your project instructions will likely suggest some guidelines for what yarn to use.

Yarn Considerations for Projects:

  • Weight of yarn
  • How much yarn is needed
  • Basic vs. novelty yarn
  • Type of fiber (acrylic, cotton, wool, etc.)

Needles for Knitting

Set of Karbonz Knitting Needles from Knitter's Pride

There is a wide world of knitting needles out there, with many different styles and materials, such as wood, metal, or plastic. Apples to Oranges only carries wood or metal. Plastic needles are lower quality and should only be used if cost is the only issue.

As you take on new projects, you may find yourself buying a new set of knitting needles each time since different projects will require different sizes of needles. It could be helpful to purchase a knitting needle set that will give you a variety of needle sizes to work with and serve as a good foundation for your knitting accessory collection.

3 Types of Knitting Needles:

  1. Straight needles: Are traditional, and used less and less often.
  2. Circular needles: two needle heads connected by a cord. Most knitters have switched to circular needles for all projects.
  3. Double-point needles: used for small projects that are joined in the round. There are newer alternatives such as flexi-tips, circular needles with bent tips, two circular needles, or the magic loop. 

Other Knitting Tools

Knitter's Pride Crochet Hook with Soft Feel Handle

Obviously, yarn and needles are the two most important tools to have while knitting, but there are a few other things that will help with your projects. A good pair of scissors is needed to cut the excess yarn from your work, and large sewing or yarn/tapestry needles are used to weave in the ends of a project or sew pieces of your work together.

crochet hook is also a surprisingly helpful tool for knitters to have. If you know crochet basics, you can add a crochet border to your knitted projects. But besides adding crochet elements to your project, a size G or H crochet hook can be used to weave in ends that are too short for a sewing needle or to pull in snags in knitwear.

More Helpful Knitting Tools to Consider:

  • Stitch markers & holders
  • Measuring tape
  • Row counter
  • Needle gauge
  • Pom-pom maker
What is a Pom-Pom Maker?
Clover Accessories Pom-Pom Maker

One last suggestion for a great knitting accessory is a pom-pom maker. A pom-pom maker is a typically plastic device that helps you quickly and easily create neat and tidy pom-poms. With a pom-pom maker, you can create cute additions that you can add to hats, pillows, garlands, and so much more!

By learning about all these amazing knitting accessories, we hope you’ve been inspired to pick up some knitting needles and get started on your very own journey of creating beautiful, hand-crafted pieces that you and your family can enjoy!